June 27, 2013

Eliminate the Drawer Dump!

Ah, bedtime! The time when you try to wrangle over-tired, cranky children into pajamas with clean teeth, just-one-more-drink-of-water, and a story that hopefully isn't written by Dr. Seuss (I love that man, but I just can't handle those rhymes that go on and one and on at bedtime!!) 

My son, in his budding independence, loves to pick out his own pajamas. Great! One less decision for Mama! The problem is that this is the pajama drawer:
The Pajama Drawer BEFORE 
Does this look familiar to you? Do you know what havoc a four or five year old can have on a drawer like this? Searching for *just* the right pair of pajamas (which I know don't exist, it is just the LAST pair to make it out of the drawer while standing on the pile of discarded pjs) is a recipe for exhaustion, for sure!!

One day while putting away laundry, I had an epiphany. Now apparently other moms have had this epiphany before me, but no one bothered to let me in on the secret. I, however, beg you to try it if you haven't figured this one out yet. It will change your life. Okay, it won't. But I bet it will make pajama finding easier!

The simple solution? Turn all the clothes on their end. Yep, just "file" those sweet jammies upright. Now little eyes can see the patterns and there is no more need for digging! Yay!!

It really is the little things, people. 

The Pajama Drawer: Filed!

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