June 21, 2013

Summer is here!!

Well, Hello, Summer!

It is true, this summer I am planning on gettin' my craft back on and blogging a little bit about it. My first projects will be part of the Pinterest Challenge. Pinterest is a dangerous worm hole and I am determined to not let it suck me in to never let go. Instead, I actually want to do a few of the hundred projects that I have pinned.

First up, a wall map for the playroom/media room. Perhaps something like this...

Or this... a little less vintage.

I like the cutout quality of this one...

 And this is a sweet idea...
What is your vote? Do you have a map at your house? I like to believe that it would be a learning tool for J-Boy as well, but maybe that is just the teacher in me!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back! I will start off by saying that I love maps! I have a globe for Little Red to play with (she loves to watch it spin) and maps on pillows in her playroom, all of which I hope will inspire a bit of wanderlust. I know that just being around these maps now will spark her curiosity as she grows.
    For future projects I have a collection of maps from places I have travelled to create some fun travel photo displays.
    I would choose a map style that can be manipulated - pins tacked, string strung to mark a journey, or just hearts place where your family was born and now resides. That's my two cents.
    Looking forward to seeing your summer projects. Keep posting!