December 11, 2011

Chevron Chair

I have this darling chair that was handed down to me from my parents. It is wood, it has a diamond shaped seat, and was made in Missouri. Umm... I know I have a few "before" pictures of it... but I can't seem to find any. Sorry!

Unfortunately, one of the legs is broken a bit and I know that it should never hold the weight of a person again. It really is a useless piece of furniture, it being a chair you can't sit in... But it is too adorable to get rid of... but it also doesn't really *go* anywhere in our house.

Rather than getting rid of it, I decided to paint it. GASP. I know there are wood finish die-hards who say to never paint beautiful wood... but this was the one way that I was going to be willing to keep it... so. there.

I thought that the best place for this darling beauty would be for the master bedroom in front of a glass front curio cabinet. All the (wood) furniture in the master bedroom is black and the textiles are sea blue and white. Beachy without being beach-cottagy if you know what I mean (is cottagy even a word? No? Oh well.)

SO I decided to paint the chair white with a blue chevron pattern on the seat. I began by taping down a pattern of parallel tape strips.

Then, I grabbed a craft knife/razor blade and *very* carefully cut away at half of the tape to reveal a chevron pattern. I wanted to be careful to not marr the white paint with razor cuts, but also keep the integrity of the tape (Frog tape worked great for this!)

It was a bit like an optical illusion, so I did mark the chevron with a pen to help me cut the right rows!

Once all the trimming was done, I was left with this:

Then came the paint. I used a Martha Stewart latex paint aptly called Sea Glass.

I also added a single chevron to the back rail. In hindsight I should have left it white.

The finished product:

It is adorable. I love the chevron pattern and I am proud of the technique.

The only thing? I don't like it in my bedroom. It just doesn't go. Too cute or something... Not sure. It has moved into my craft room and now I don't know what to do with it. It doesn't really go in there either. So, repaint it? Sand it down and stain it? What to do!?

UPDATE: This adorable chair found a home in my craft room after the re-org. I'll post about it soon!


  1. Such a wonderful chair, maybe it could become useful in your craft room, hold your paint can or something. Please don't throw it away:):):) I know you will thing of something....

  2. That chair might find a home in our turquoise and white office (hint hint) :)

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