July 21, 2011

Cooking with Moi

Whenever cousin Moi comes to stay with us for her vacation, she teaches me how to cook something new. She has been coming to see us every summer for a few years (four?) which for me, means I have gotten some pretty awesome cooking lessons, not to mention amazing company, wet-your-pants laughter, partner in crime adventures, and just a ton of fun. I love her visits.

Moi went to culinary school and owns her own chocolate company, Moi Chocolates (which you should check out- delish!!) I am always inspired by her ease in the kitchen and all of the little tips and tricks she has up her sleeve. Now, I have to admit that it is the little things that make me giddy- but she is impressive! Each year, after she leaves, I have new wonderful additions to my cook book that sustain us until next summer.

This year, Moi taught me how to make Chinese Dumplings. I won't be able to post a recipe, because like all people who know how to cook (not me!) she doesn't use recipes. I am really a follow-the-rules, measure-everything kind of girl, but Moi is teaching me how to use my senses more to cook.

We gathered all of our groceries at Uwajimaya. Aren't these mushrooms beautiful?

Baby bok choy. Wee-boy picked it out. Not that he'll eat it!
Chop chop.

 Ground chicken in an Asian market is much finer than in a western market. Moi says that I could also buy western ground chicken and toss it in my Cuisinart. (And I do love a reason to use the Cuisinart!)
Take off your rings and get mixing!
 We tossed in some salt, pepper, and sesame oil. Then it was time to wrap!
A little dab of filling, then wet the rim of the wrapper with an egg wash. 
 Pinch the edges together to seal the goodness inside. Then I learned to make them fancy with a fan crimp.
 Pop 'em in a pan.

 Add a little water to steam.
Steam. Steam. Steam. Moi says you know when they are ready because you can smell them. It may take me a few tries to get that part right!
 These babies are going to give Din Tai Fung a run for their money!
Moi also made sauted bok choy and soy sauce noodles. It was a great kitchen adventure and we all ate WAY too much at dinner!! I was also reminded that Moi and I have yet another similarity: we both cook with every dish in the kitchen!

Moi says that the best chefs are messy- so if I am messy, that is a good sign. For the mess that I can make- I should be WAY better than I am! It was worth every dish.

Thanks, Moi!


  1. Whoa! Nice work on the blog Kerrin! Would it be OK to link it to our blog to spead the word among our many followers (my mother and Lauren's mom...)? Miss you.

  2. That was great now I am sooooooooo hungry......

  3. Love reading your blog.. Good times! Even better memories! Miss ya sunshine.. Can't wait to play again next year!
    Love, Moi