July 29, 2011

F Bomb

Yep. The F Bomb.

There are times in life when nothing else really fits. I find it helps to say it, and then move on. It is kind of a "there, I feel better now" moment.

When life is throwing lemons your way, toss an F Bomb back and see how it feels. I suggest that you wait until the kids are out of ear shot- but I won't judge.
I'm nice like that.

We have had the need for an F bomb or two in our house these days (and, no, not because we have a house guest ;) and so, I created this little beauty.

Call it a paperweight, or a knick-knack, or whatever. It makes me smile and giggle in an evil little way.

I was a little giddy about getting started, so I painted the "bomb" before I remembered to get the camera. Then, by that time I had paint all over and I was committed, so I took all of the photos with my phone. Sorry 'bout the quality!

I started with unfinished wood pieces from the craft store. I think the ball is supposed to be for making tiny bun feet (like for a tiny time out tuffet?) It has one flat side, which was perfect for this project since I didn't want it to roll around!

Then I added some paint.

A little distressing ink and sanding so it didn't look so candy-apple red and perky!
Then I dug around in that jar of bits-and-bobs for a nut that was tiny enough.
Slapped on a little E6000 (Amazing stuff! Glues everything. Keep the windows open and your fingers out of the way!!)
Popped in a little snippet of distressed hemp twine.

Finished it off with a little more distressing ink and paint around the nut... and Viola!
I had myself an F Bomb! Makes a great tongue-in-cheek gift for that special someone! Who are you dropping the F Bomb on? Comment and let me know, just don't drop it on me!


  1. Now that is funny,,,,,,, you really have to yell it really loud and it feels even better:):)
    Humor is the BEST Medicine.

  2. WOW You are GOOD I love your industrious Info.