July 18, 2011

Inspiration File: Laundry Room

One might think that I am pregnant the way I am nesting these days. Sorry, Mom, not pregnant! I think that all of this time off in the summer just gets me itching to decorate, create, and nest in a way I can't during the school year.

My current obsession is with the powder room/guest bathroom. I walked in there the other day and I had HAD it with the blah-ness of it all. So, naturally, I decided that it must immediately be redecorated. Four different towel expeditions later, I have a general theme and color scheme. It will be wonderful once I make/find/repurpose some art for the walls (well, and paint and patch the wall from the 12 holes I had already put in the walls. I didn't like that art anymore anyway.)

So why is this post about the laundry room and not the bathroom? Well, because I am not ready to reveal the bathroom yet. AND in true Sunshine fashion, I have moved on to my next project without finishing the last one.

Enter Pinterest. If you haven't checked this site out where have you been? you should. Just type in your interest, and see fabulous pics from all over the web that people have "pinned."

Here are a few drool-worthy laundry rooms that I have my eye on:
(I apologize for the tiny size of these pictures. I will figure this thing out eventually!)

I am also currently obsessed in love with blue.

How sweet is this!?

Almost makes you want to do laundry. 

The laundry symbols are adorable. I have been pondering the Cricut.
I fear that my house will be overwhelmed with vinyl sunshine!

Now I am itching to paint some Sunshine in our house. However, I made a vow to wait at least one year before picking up a paintbrush in our new house. The countdown has begun!
I think I will have to start in the laundry room...

What is your current obsession? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I think it is a result of my house being filled with those mushroom ceiling fixtures, but I am currently obsessed with fabulous and unique lighting. I especially love chandeliers in unexpected places - like the laundry room.
    My current color obsession is turquoise.
    Can't wait to see your bathroom reveal!

  2. Love your blog and the pictures of those darling laundry rooms,makes me want to make changes in mine:):)MORE Mom