August 3, 2011

Project Central

Hello, Sunshine! Thanks for stopping by! I have had a few friends ask me if I am working on a project right now since they haven't seen me post recently. I giggled! If only you could see my garage right now!!

I am still working through my list of the 21-Day Challenge, the pics just aren't that show-worthy. I am also working on a few ah-mazing wood projects that I can't wait to show you- only I want to wait for all the paint to dry! Once they are in their new homes, I will be sure to let you know. Want a hint? I titled one project, "The Chocolate Box!"

Other projects... yesterday I:

  • Put together a hutch for my wrapping station 
  • Built my new treadmill. Woot Woot! (And worked out on it this morning! Happy Birthday to me!!)
  • Put the last coat of stain on the Chocolate Box
  • Painted a lovely piece of hemlock for an art station for the wee boy
  • Built a shelf for my growing spray paint collection- out of a pallet! 
  • Primed a canvas for a future piece of art
I also:
  • Drooled over some ideas on Pinterest
  • Read up on working with zippers for my future pillow party
  • Hit the hardware store to gather some more project fodder
  • Tidied the craft room
  • Rewashed a load of laundry that *someone* snuck a disposable diaper into (I knew there would be a drawback to teaching the 3yo how to do laundry!)
  • Surfed around for a great vegetarian dish to prepare for a future beach weekend
So, yes, I have been working on projects. Can't wait to show them to you! Stay tuned! What are you working on?

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