August 14, 2011

Art Wall

We have a cool little "nook" in the playroom/media room. It is great for all of the storage boxes for the mountain of toys that wee boy has. I wanted to be able to pin up some of his artwork along the wall. I considered using this system from IKEA,

But it seemed a little too industrial for the warm space. So, I grabbed this beautiful piece of hemlock at the hardware store.
I decided to spray paint it a beautiful blue color called Lagoon. Yes, this is the same color blue that my sister just redid her entire office in, even though I bought it without knowing that! ( Her guest blogger entry to come soon!)

I had just received a package with a whole bunch of styrofoam in it. I thought I would be really clever and use the styrofoam blocks to prop up the wood while I sprayed it. Note: this is NOT what you want to do. Apparently spray paint and stryrofoam don't mix.
Easily fixed, but what a bummer.

Then, I enlisted the help of my trusty sidekick to assist me in measuring out the space for the clips.

I used my trusty tube of E6000 to glue those babies down, and gave them 24 hours to cure.
 I nailed two hangers on the back. Then, using a long level and my favorite new toothpaste trick, I was able to get it up on the wall in no time.
I love the way it showcases wee boy's art! Now that my Silhouette SD is here, I will be added some fun vinyl to the space above it. Stay tuned.


  1. Too cute, and a big hug and kiss to your little helper. XOXO

  2. Great idea! I may have to try this one out in my kids playroom :) Thanks for sharing!