August 9, 2011

Chocolate Making

I was made to be a student. I love to read. I love to create. I love school supplies. Since I also love chocolate, what better than to combine the two and take a chocolate making class? Turns out the chocolate making class at our local chocolatier is more of a quirky make-and-take experience rather than a class, but it was a fun afternoon nonetheless.

First, we donned paper hats and nametags. Have I told you that I LOVE nametags? Usually because I can't remember your name and I wish you were wearing one. When we meet, please don't be offended if I call you 'Honey'. It is really because I can't remember your name. You can call me Sunshine. Or maybe I should call you Sunshine.

Where was I? Oh yes, chocolate making. Class was held at Boehm's Candies in Issaquah, Washington. It was founded by Julius Boehm in 1943. He was born in Vienna, Austria and made his was to Issaquah where he built a Swiss Chalet to feel like home (also the location of the production facility). Since the area has mountains known as the Issaquah Alps, it makes sense that he felt at home. He was a quirky man, Olympic althlete, and art collector. We got a tour of the production facility as well as his (former) private home.

The equipment is old-school and wonderful.

Mr. Boehm had a unique decorating style. His kitchen cabinets had bells attached to them. All of them.

My favorite kitchen item- custom tiles that were painted with fondue recipes!

Of course for the class I took my trusty sidekick, Moi, with me!

We made vanilla cremes, molded chocolates, rocky road and nut clusters.

We got to decorate a large chocolate bar. My design was really cute in my head. It looked a little wonky in real life, but it was fun to make!

I chose the dinosaur mold for my chocolates. I knew the stegosaurus would be a big hit at home!

The best part (other than taking home almost 2 pounds of chocolate!)? We didn't have to clean up the mess!!

If you have a chocolatier in your area who holds classes, I encourage you to sign up! I can't promise that you will make the best gourmet chocolate, but I bet you will have a great time. Who knows, you may even channel a little bit of Lucy like we did!

PS- I am trying out a new photo size. Let me know what you think!

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