August 13, 2011

Chocolate Cabinet

After all my chocolate making, I was trying to find a way to incorporate a little chocolate into my house decor. I found this fabulous French ephemera over at The Graphics Fairy and was immediately drawn to it!
I knew it would be the perfect addition to a small cabinet that was handed down to me from my parents. It has a split-hinged top. I think it was originally a flour bin, but I need to ask my mom to tell me the story again. Isn't she adorable?
She sits in the library next to the tiny time out tuffet.

It has beautiful legs and detailing. When I was little I remember that we used it as side table for our (plaid!) couches. I love the way it smells when you lift open the top. Yeah, I smell my furniture. I am strange like that. 

I started with a light sanding, leaving some of it less sanded in places, keeping its old charm. Then, I propped it up on the tables in my (undecorated) craft room so that I could work on the top without bending too much.

I borrowed an overhead projector from work (yep, we still use these bad boys!) and made a transparency on the commercial photo copier. 
Working with a steady hand, I transfered the image.

Once I had the entire image on the lid, I moved the production out to the garage to lightly sand it. I took the wording down a bit to give it an aged appearance. Then I gave it a few coats of espresso stain.

I finished her with two coats of hand-rubbed polyurethane.

 I love the way it adds interest and a little charm without being overbearing or too country. It is a little chocolate sunshine, if you will.


  1. That is stunning!!! You did a BEAUTIFUL job. What will you store in it, a secret stash of chocolate??? Mom

  2. Wow, you did a fabulous job! So professional and so pretty!

  3. Just discovered that you have a blog! I'm so impressed (with both the blog and this particular project!) Look at how much you get done when you aren't at school :)