August 4, 2011

Pallet Project #1

The other day I swung by work to pick up a few things. As a bonus I found this near the dumpster:
 I have been amazed at some of the fun things people are making out of pallets. Headboards, coffee tables, book cases... you name it- it has been made from this wonderful- FREE- wood. The beauty of the pallet is that it is made from random, mismatched wood. They aren't perfect, but they have so much potential! The end result is often a bit on the country side, though, and that doesn't really work with our house at all.

However, I was still eager to play around and build *something*! So, after much debate in my head, I took out the hand saw and made three cuts from the end of the pallet.
 Sitting upright, it makes a bit more sense. Do you know where I am headed with this?
 Since I wanted the little pallet shelf to have a bottom (so it would actually hold something) I pried off another board and whacked it on to the bottom. It wasn't perfect- and didn't have to be!
 It doesn't stand up, but it won't need to.
 Then, I sprayed on a coat of Heirloom White spray paint. I quickly learned that this raw wood should have been sprayed with primer since it sucked up the paint fast! But I just kept spraying- it was fun!
 Then, I took a few deck screws and attached it to a spare wall in the garage. Now I have the perfect perch for all of my spray paint cans- safely out of reach from little hands!
 If our house was more on the country-side, I can imagine a few of these next to a comfy reading chair to hold books and magazines. Fun!

There is wood left over from the pallet. Now if only I could decide what to do with them...

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